Pitti Uomo 96

Pitti Uomo 96

New and old brands that make their debut at the most important men’s fashion fair, some long-awaited returns, important anniversaries and special shows, as well as a broader sense of the world: here is a summary of the Pitti Uomo advances, edition 96, dedicated to the trends of spring summer 2020. The calendar, from 11 to 14 June, is as dense as ever and a reasoned agenda is practically an obligation. Let’s look at it in detail.

The host country is China
If indeed the present and the future of global culture is China, it is time to take it into consideration also with regards to fashion. Guest nation of the June 2019 edition, will be present with 10 designers selected in collaboration with Shanghai Fashion Week, which could soon end up in the agendas of essential events such as the fashion shows in Milan and Paris. The presence at the fair of new realities like 8ON8, Danshan, Ffixxed Studios will culminate in the Come show, a brand formed by the creative duo Yushan Li and Jun Zhou, who will also present a deconstructed version of the Converse Jack Purcell. The presence of China is an excellent opportunity to investigate how the West and the East influence each other when it comes to creativity and the global market.

Events not to be missed
The Special Guest Designer of Pitti Uomo will not be exactly a stylist, but an artist. Sterling Ruby has created its own brand S.R. STUDY. THERE. CA. to extend his creative practice also to fashion. In the past he has collaborated with Calvin Klein and Raf Simons, now he sets out on his own to demonstrate to everyone how certain boundaries do not exist in fashion and art. We bet on a collection with a deep street culture, a little Californian skater, but it’s all to see.

Edoardo Rainetti


Pitti Uomo 95

Pitti Uomo 95

“What is Pitti Uomo, if not a great and wonderful surprise box? For this 95th edition, we want to bet on the element of surprise. In fact, the event has become a changing receptacle for evolving content “, sums up Agostino Poletto. The CEO of Pitti Immagine refers to the theme of this season, “The Pitti Box”, imagined by the prolific and talented Sergio Colantuono for the session dedicated to the collections for autumn-winter 2019/20, which from 8 to 11 January 2019 will bring together in Florence 1,230 brands, 542 of which from abroad.

The new presentation format of the Florentine show, which opens the season of men’s fashion on Tuesday, is characterized by several boxes scattered here and there, each designed to accompany the visitor at different times of his stay at the Fortezza da Basso, the ancient fortress that welcomes the event on almost 60,000 square meters of extension. On the menu, among many other things, they appear: the “Infinity Box”, a 40 meter long gallery that offers “a visual, energetic, emotional experience” through videos of 12 international artists; the “Silence Box”, where you can relax in absolute silence for five minutes; and again the recreational space of the “Park Box” or the recreational space of the “Show Box”, the selfie box also dedicated to mini-conferences.

Federico Beghi


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Tourbillon Cufflinks by TF Est. 1968

Tourbillon Cufflinks by TF Est. 1968

Miami Life Part II

Miami Life Part II


The Good Life Inc. hits Miami once more, staying at EPIC hotel and the W on South Beach. Cars provided by the most reliable luxury car rental company in the 305: First Class Miami. Helicopter ride with the equally reliable South Beach Helicopters. We hope you enjoy the images! View from the room at EPIC.




Yeezy 350 Boost x Vlieger Vandam gun relief leather backpack.IMG_4355-1024x1024_grande

Quiet dinner at Il Sole, the restaurant located at what was once the late Gianni Versace’s South Beach home. The food was nothing special, but the mansion is opulent to say the least!


Even more Yeezy Madness with Anil Arjandas, Ela Mois, and the founder of Daily Watch.

Yeezy Madness at EPIC.


When in Miami, it is a must to check out South Beach and the Keys by helicopter – no one does it better than our friends at South Beach Helicopters who’s Robinsons provide perfect near-360 degree views.


A shot from the lovely private dinner at Mr. Chow hosted by Louis XIII and Toys for Boys Miami.



We of course got plenty of pool time in at EPIC and the W respectively, it is Miami after all!

Suite view (pun intended).

Making our presence felt on South Beach. Thank you for the read, we hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Streets of London by Alex Penfold

Streets of London by Alex Penfold

Anyone who has been to London – and West London more specifically – will know that it is a paradise for car-spotters. Every spring and summer the capital is swarmed with supercars from all over the world by owners wanting to flash their toys where it matters. Locals dread this period for the noise brought by engines being pushed to 150 km/h on short stretches of West London streets, nearly everyone else enjoys every second of it. Our man Alex Penfold is always on hand to capture these exotic beauties on camera.9560314683_a164237527_o_grande

One is always guaranteed to find supercars around Harrods in Knightsbridge. On this particular day the department store’s entrance was graced with a spectacular all-white line-up. Mercedes G63 x Pagani Huayra x Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé x Bugatti Veyron.


A baby blue Lamborghini Aventador caught in a not-so-uncommon downpour of English summer rain.


Where else in the world can one spot a Ferrari f50 and Bugatti Veyron casually parked in a small side-street at night?


And lastly, a Ferrari Enzo with number plate “F1 FER” parked near the Dorchester on Park Lane, another exotic car hot-spot.

Shangri-La Hotel in Paris, France

                 Shangri-La Hotel in Paris, France


Located at 10 avenue d’Iéna, this 5 star hotel is just moments away from the Trocadero Gardens and the Seine River. Its rooms are spacious, starting from 35 square meters for a Superior Room going up to the 84 m2 Deluxe Suites. Despite its quite central location, the Shangri-La’s rooms are well insulated and you can be sure to catch a good night’s sleep. Walk-in closets and excellent service are the added touches that complete the feeling of luxurious comfort one has when staying here.


Have you ever wanted to wake up and open the curtains to a beautiful view of the Seine and the Eiffel tower standing in all its glory? The Shangri-La will guarantee you get the perfect and rosy Paris experience portrayed in films, especially if your visit is of a romantic nature.


You can check prices and book your stay at the Shangri-La through our partner Splendia who will provide you with the best rates and members-only benefits by clicking on the following link: Shangri-La Hotel Paris – Paris

Pitti Uomo 94

Pitti Uomo 94

Pitti Immagine Uomo, the international reference event for menswear and contemporary lifestyle, reaches its 94th edition and surprises from day one for the pop atmosphere and for the presence of 1240 brands present at this edition. A world in continuous evolution that told by Pitti Uomo with projects that interpret the outdoor universe in an unprecedented way, redefining the lifestyle linked to atheisure and enhancing makers from all over the world.

Among the brands present, Stewart, a Tuscan company that, born in 1975, produces by hand using a wealth of knowledge of long tradition. Each Stewart garment is handmade and is designed and created to last over time and age with grace, with the beauty that only a single product can offer.

At Pitti Uomo 94 the special set-up realized in collaboration with South Garage Motor Co and the “Moto” capsule that supports the main one and that pays tribute to the world of bikers is interesting.

Edoardo Rainetti




FLORENCE, ITALY – JUNE 12: A guest wearing suit is seen during the 94th Pitti Immagine Uomo on June 12, 2018 in Florence, Italy (Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images)



Pitti Uomo 93

Although London was a great first experience, I am very excited to be back in the beautiful town of Florence or as the Italians call it, Firenze! This Italian city hosts one of the world’s biggest menswear trade shows known as Pitti Uomo. This is my second time here and I cannot wait to roam around the many booths and see the designer’s and brand’s latest collections. However, what makes Pitti Uomo so popular is the amazing show the attendees put forth. Pitti Uomo is known for having gentlemen from around the world dress in a very elaborate manner displaying many textures and colors but sticking with fine tailored suits. These men know it is a must to display such extravagant outfits during Pitti Uomo. Our amazing photographer/friend was on route to Firenze but due to flight delays he wasn’t able to make it on time. Nevertheless, I took charge and covered the first day. Let me know what you think of my first time shooting street style.

Edoardo Rainetti



Riyad Al-Azzawi’s Gold Ferrari 458 Spider

Riyad Al-Azzawi’s Gold Ferrari 458 Spider

A couple of months back we ran into Riyad Al-Azzawi while smoking waterpipe in Knightsbridge, London. For those not familiar with Riyad, he is an Iraqi-British kickboxer with an undefeated record of 47 wins out of 47 fights (!) and a very kind character to boot. He was driving past in his not-so-inconspicuous gold-wrapped Ferrari 458 Spider, so we decided to ask him to bring it to a quiet alley for a closer look. A quiet alley was necessary because we had seen what happens when he stops in a slightly more crowded area: people start flocking to the car like seagulls to a piece of bread.


The gold wrapping leaves no bystander indifferent: people either love it or they hate it, but either way they all take pictures. This is evident on Instagram where the hashtag #goldferrari is littered almost exclusively with pictures of Riyad’s 458 taken by onlookers. I guess that whatever your opinion may be, Riyad’s objective has been achieved: it catches ev-er-y-one’s attention.Ferrari-Gold-The-good-Life-Inc._grande

What’s your opinion of this gold-wrapped beast?

Astarte Suites in Santorini, Greece

Astarte Suites in Santorini, Greece

We recently visited Astarte Suites on the magical island of Santorini in Greece. Santorini, one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea, is a sickle-shaped island that was shaped by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century B.C.E. The inner side of the island has a breathtaking view out onto the vulcanic islands in the middle, which the islanders call the “Caldera view”. It is also coincidentally the side on which the sun sets. All the suites at Astarte have this view, creating the most amazing setting for relaxation and picture-taking.


Arriving at one of the “Astarte Suites”, the biggest suites at the hotel, I couldn’t help but sit down on the lounge bed and take in the breathtaking view. Every one of the biggest suites comes with a private infinity pool, however the smaller suites have access to the hotel’s main infinity pool which is also not too shabby! (See the article’s header picture).


Breakfast at the suites are amazing. You get to choose from an assortment of platters including omelettes, local meats, local cheeses, breads and jams, fresh juices, coffees, and more. What’s more, every breakfast is a champagne breakfast, bellini’s and mimosa’s galore!



The fruit platters are simply amazing, particularly the fresh Greek watermelon.


Here I was playing chess by the private infinity pool on a marble and bronze chess set I bought in Mykonos, with of course our Fleur-de-Lys bracelet on the wrist.


The view looking out onto the breakfast table and infinity pool from the indoor jacuzzi. On top of amazing amenities and views the hotel also has excellent, kind and caring service, not least of which by the owners George and Kosta themselves. Because of them many customers, including ourselves, look forward to returning time and time again. We cannot rate Astarte Suites more highly and hope you enjoyed our pictures!

Edoardo Rainetti