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Shangri-La Hotel in Paris, France

                 Shangri-La Hotel in Paris, France


Located at 10 avenue d’Iéna, this 5 star hotel is just moments away from the Trocadero Gardens and the Seine River. Its rooms are spacious, starting from 35 square meters for a Superior Room going up to the 84 m2 Deluxe Suites. Despite its quite central location, the Shangri-La’s rooms are well insulated and you can be sure to catch a good night’s sleep. Walk-in closets and excellent service are the added touches that complete the feeling of luxurious comfort one has when staying here.


Have you ever wanted to wake up and open the curtains to a beautiful view of the Seine and the Eiffel tower standing in all its glory? The Shangri-La will guarantee you get the perfect and rosy Paris experience portrayed in films, especially if your visit is of a romantic nature.


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