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Streets of London by Alex Penfold

Streets of London by Alex Penfold

Anyone who has been to London – and West London more specifically – will know that it is a paradise for car-spotters. Every spring and summer the capital is swarmed with supercars from all over the world by owners wanting to flash their toys where it matters. Locals dread this period for the noise brought by engines being pushed to 150 km/h on short stretches of West London streets, nearly everyone else enjoys every second of it. Our man Alex Penfold is always on hand to capture these exotic beauties on camera.9560314683_a164237527_o_grande

One is always guaranteed to find supercars around Harrods in Knightsbridge. On this particular day the department store’s entrance was graced with a spectacular all-white line-up. Mercedes G63 x Pagani Huayra x Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé x Bugatti Veyron.


A baby blue Lamborghini Aventador caught in a not-so-uncommon downpour of English summer rain.


Where else in the world can one spot a Ferrari f50 and Bugatti Veyron casually parked in a small side-street at night?


And lastly, a Ferrari Enzo with number plate “F1 FER” parked near the Dorchester on Park Lane, another exotic car hot-spot.