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Riyad Al-Azzawi’s Gold Ferrari 458 Spider

Riyad Al-Azzawi’s Gold Ferrari 458 Spider

A couple of months back we ran into Riyad Al-Azzawi while smoking waterpipe in Knightsbridge, London. For those not familiar with Riyad, he is an Iraqi-British kickboxer with an undefeated record of 47 wins out of 47 fights (!) and a very kind character to boot. He was driving past in his not-so-inconspicuous gold-wrapped Ferrari 458 Spider, so we decided to ask him to bring it to a quiet alley for a closer look. A quiet alley was necessary because we had seen what happens when he stops in a slightly more crowded area: people start flocking to the car like seagulls to a piece of bread.


The gold wrapping leaves no bystander indifferent: people either love it or they hate it, but either way they all take pictures. This is evident on Instagram where the hashtag #goldferrari is littered almost exclusively with pictures of Riyad’s 458 taken by onlookers. I guess that whatever your opinion may be, Riyad’s objective has been achieved: it catches ev-er-y-one’s attention.Ferrari-Gold-The-good-Life-Inc._grande

What’s your opinion of this gold-wrapped beast?